What is Hosted Exchange?

what is hosted exchange

Chances are you’ve probably heard of hosted exchange email, but do you know exactly what it is and whether it’s the right choice for your business?

Also referred to as Exchange Online, hosted exchange is a cloud-based telecommunications solution that supplies a server for users to store their Microsoft email box. Businesses can rent the server space from Microsoft Exchange, allowing them to centralise their emails into one database on the cloud. It is employed and configured through a service provider’s platform, and can be accessed via a secure network, or VPN.

Hosted exchange is a cloud-based solution, or SaaS (Software as a service) which means it can be accessed over the Internet via any connected device. It gives businesses the scope to access their emails, calendar, address book and documents remotely, alongside ensuring the data is kept secure.

The advantages of hosted exchange

Usually, hosted exchange is best suited to smaller businesses who lack the capacity to host and manage their own email server, due to reduced resource or limited workforce. However, it can be argued that hosted exchange has many advantages for any modern business.

  • Flexibility
    When using the majority of email servers, you will be restricted to using the pre-set domain name in your email address, such as @gmail.com, @hotmail.com and so on. However, hosted exchange offers you the flexibility to fully personalise your email domain name. This means you can have an email address that includes your business name, for example name@business.com.
  • Technical issues are taken care of
    Rather than relying on your in-house technical team to resolve any technical issues that may arise, when using a hosted exchange all of these issues are resolved by a large, dedicated offsite team. This allows you to stay focused on your business and company tasks, rather than getting bogged down by IT issues.
  • Universal access
    Hosted exchange allows you and your employees to access your mailboxes from any location and any device. In addition, hosted exchange is much faster than old forms of email management, ensuring your mailbox is synced across your devices. This can help businesses stay connected which can aid collaboration and innovation.
  • Lower costs
    Using hosted exchange is far cheaper than employing a skilled workforce to set up your own email server. This makes hosted exchange particularly good for small businesses, as they are less likely to be able to afford the high costs associated with a self-managed server.
  • More features

You will also benefit from having access to more advanced features in your mailbox. From automatics responses to mailbox rules, email forwarding and access to archived emails, hosted exchange makes it easier to organise and streamline your working life.

  • Stronger security

Hosted exchange is far more secure than using a free email service.

  • Send larger files
    Hosted exchange allows you to send bigger file attachments than on a free email service.


With a vast array of benefits and added features that could help your business to improve, think about moving to a hosted exchange today.   Contact your local IT support company for help.

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