Why Submit Your Business To A Directory in 2020?

There are many reasons to submit your business to a good quality local business directory. Lots of businesses miss out on this easy way to get more customers and to boost the profile of their business in Google and Bing. Let’s take a look at the reasons that you should submit to a quality directory:

  1. If your business is not ranking high on Google and you can’t afford to pay for SEO services you might think that the only way that you can get your website in front of people is via social media channels or Pay Per Click Google Ads. But if you choose the right directories, you can actually sometimes feature on the first page of Google and Bing if the directory is strong enough. By strong I mean it is not spammy, is human edited (i.e. the listings are screened) and the directory webmaster cares about best practice SEO.
  2. You actually need listings in local directories in order to rank locally on Google Maps. It is a well known type of activity to list your business on relevant directories. These citations provide signals to the search engines that you are a local business and that helps you with ranking on Google Maps. As you may well know, if you are found on Google Maps you are higher up the search result page with more chance to get clicked.
  3. If the directory is strong enough, users looking for services and products may well use it to search for local businesses. So you might get traffic actually flowing from the directory to your website. You can check this in Google Analytics referral traffic.
  4. If the directory provides a Dofollow type link (which this directory does) then you will get some SEO juice flowing down to your website as a backlinks. Backlinks are important and especially  ones which are Dofollow. Make sure and ask a directory which type of link they offer if you need help ranking.

So it is really helpful to submit a business listing but only to the right type of quality directory. Why not submit your business to this one?

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