5 Ways A Steel Fabrication Company Can Help Improve Your Home

Steel may not be the first material you think about for your home but it does have many fantastic applications and benefits that will improve the look and value of your home.

Steel is:

    • Durable
      It can easily withstand day-to-day household traffic.  Children playing will not mark or damage it in any way.
    • Low maintenance
      Unlike wood, you won’t need to paint or varnish it regularly to keep it looking great.   Steel can be finished in many ways such as colour galvanised, powder-coated or polished.
    • Easy to clean
      A regular, quick dust or wash is all your steel will require.
    • Environmentally friendly
      Steel is classed as environmentally friendly because it is often made from salvaged scrap.
    • Recyclable
      Steel is fully recyclable at the end of use.


In a home, along with being extremely practical, it can also look modern and contemporary.

At the Blake Group in Edinburgh, we fabricate steel for homes on a daily basis. Sometimes it is for the homeowner in conjunction with their architect, and often it is to fulfil large contracts for the commercial housebuilder, contractor or tradesman.

We can provide structural steel such as steel lintels but today we want to discuss steel that you can see in your home.


5 Ways To Use Steel In Your Home

    Incorporating steel into your staircase can make it a stunning feature in your home. Depending on the style of your home you could have a full industrial-looking steel staircase or mix steel with glass or wood.  For example, you could have the stairs made from wood but add a balustrade made from steel.  Steel is also very popular for outdoor staircases that lead from a balcony to the garden or from the back of the house to a lower patio area.
    Steel railings are mostly used for practical purposes such as exterior fences or for safety on rooftop gardens. However, they don’t need to be basic or boring.  They can be made to enhance your property and look like an architectural feature.
    Metal Railings Blake Group
    Steel balconies are ideal because you want to ensure you are safe in your balcony at all times.  If it is made from steel you know it will be long lasting with low maintenance.
    People add steel to their kitchens because not only does it look good, but it is easy to keep clean and hygienic at all times.  Steel is often used as a backsplash for the hob and even as a worktop surface.
    Steel architectural features can transform a standard home into one that looks unique and architect-designed.  Architects will add metal plating or grills to the outside of a building for design purposes. We have even created stunning metal sculptures for designers. A small metal sculpture could transform a garden and make an amazing centrepiece.

Architectural designed house - steel by Blake Group

Get inventive and imagine how steel could transform your home.

The Metal Centre in Edinburgh is part of the Blake Group and is open for the general public, tradesmen and small business clients.  We hope we can help you create the home of your dreams.

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