The Trendiest Window Blinds in 2021

Window blinds have been popular in home decor for many years.  They are ideal for:

  • Creating privacy in your home
  • Protecting your furniture from sun damage
  • Adding warmth and insulation to your home
  • Blocking sun rays from your television or PC so that you can see the screen.

In recent years the variety of styles and types of blinds has grown. It is some of the new types of blinds that are proving to be the most popular this year.


Day & Night Blinds


Vision day and night blinds

Vision blinds or ‘day and night’ blinds have been designed to provide you with privacy day and night, whilst still letting daylight in throughout the day.  They work on a very simple principle, with an additional layer of horizontal translucent strips that can be raised or lowered depending on your needs. This translucent strip will allow some softened daylight into your home throughout the day.

These blinds are proving a popular option for people now working at home who would like to enjoy the sunshine but also want privacy when they are at home during the day.


Environmentally Friendly Blinds

Sunwood Venetian Blinds Forth Blinds


Many of our clients are now interested in buying environmentally friendly blinds and are not wanting to purchase plastic products if at all possible. We have sourced a few products with great environmental credentials. We can offer roller blinds made from Greenscreen Sea-Tex Fabrics which are made from 50% recycled sea plastic waste. This fabric is also fully recyclable at end of life. Another option is Sunwood Faux Wood Venetian blinds. Although their blinds are made from high-quality PVC, they are fully recyclable at the end of use. The other benefit of their product is that no beautiful hardwood trees are cut down to make their blinds.


Cordless Blinds

Louvolite Motorised Vision Blind

For many years, the one thing all blinds had in common were dangly cords handing at the side so you could move them up and down. Homeowners now want all the benefits of blinds but ones that are more aesthetically pleasing without messy cords. Nearly all types of blind now have an option that is cordless.

Perfect Fit blinds are made for uPVC windows and doors and fit perfectly into the window or door frame. The blind is controlled by a small handle at the bottom of the blind. Velux blinds operate in a similar way.

We also sell many motorised blinds which are also cordless. An added benefit of a motorised blind is that it can also be controlled remotely from an App or set on a timer. Nearly all types of blinds can be motorised from roller blinds to vertical blinds.


Forth Blinds is based in Prestonpans East Lothian and offers fully fitted made-to-measure blinds for homes and businesses in Edinburgh and throughout the Lothians.

This is a guest blog written by Forth Blinds.

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