Keep Safe With These Locksmith Christmas Tips

locksmith Christmas tips


With Christmas just around the corner, we are all looking forward to spending much needed time with our family and friends. Along with all the pleasant times we associate with December it’s always good to keep the safety of our home and loved ones at the back of our minds.


Traditionally homes see an increased rate of break-ins through December so here are some friendly reminders of our best practices to keep your home safe over the festive season. Minimising the risk of a break-in. Below are some of our top tips to keep your home safe and out of the eye of pesky burglars. 


1) Make sure you do not leave your Christmas presents on display for the world to see. A burglar will happily look through your window to identify if anything is worth breaking in for. This also relates to social media, it is a good idea to leave your recent purchases and gifts off social media to mitigate any potential risks. If you are going to be leaving your home empty while you are away for the day or visiting family for the weekend. Do not check-in/broadcast on social media about your trip until you arrive back home. You are effectively declaring that your home is going to be empty and waiting to be broken into if you are posting while you are away. As a second line of defence why not leave a couple of lights on in rooms that are visible from the street. This will give the illusion someone is still in the house.


2) If you are expecting any deliveries from online shopping while you are not going to be in, make sure that you don’t leave a note on your door announcing you are not currently in. This is a blatant sign to potential burglars that your home is empty. Delivery companies may be working around the clock at this time of the year although it is best practice to get in contact directly with the shipping company to organise another day for delivery or leave your package with a neighbour.


When in doubt think like a burglar, sometimes thinking like the enemy can have advantages, when it comes to keeping your property as safe as possible. 


3) Make sure to never leave a key for your property hidden away in your garden or under an ornament on your doorstep. A better idea would be to ask a trusted friend or neighbour to keep hold of a spare key for you.


It is a great idea to check all the locks in your home are working as they should be. Key Fit Locksmiths are specialists in all aspects of door and window mechanisms and home security. They can supply and fit all makes of multipoint locking systems at a time that suits you best. If your current locks require replacement or a service Key Fit Locksmiths have a trusty network of fully qualified locksmiths located in NewcastleAlnwickHexham, Washington and the surrounding areas to service all of your locksmith needs. 

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